Welcome to Cornerstone at the start of 2021

At the moment we are able to meet together at our Sunday morning service.  We have a restriction of numbers which is based on our available space.  There needs to be at least two spaces in front, behind and at the sides of each person or group of people.  I like to call it “Worship style” seating, because it gives us plenty of room to raise our hands as we sing.


Sadly we are not offering any children’s groups yet but we hope to start them soon.


Our evening groups will be meeting online due to the 6:00pm curfew.  They are due to start from Monday the 11th january.


Church is not just about meeting for services, it is also about friendship and caring for one another.  For that purpose please contact us for any need or information or just to speak to someone.


God Bless and I hope that each day is a day of new revelation of the love of God for you.

This sunday service can be found at the following link:


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Sunday 06/Dec/2020

at 10h30

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God Bless

James Morgan - Pastor

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