Welcome to Cornerstone

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We wish you a happy new year 2022,

full of God's blessings!

You can come to worship, pray and hear the Word at church every sunday, 10.30am.

Even if we have a restriction of numbers which is based on our available space, you don't need to make any reservation. 

However, you will have to follow the french shielding measures. But don't worry! Our welcome team is here to help you and greet you at your arrival!


Good news : sunday school are now available!


We encourage you to join our differents group happening on weekdays. Please check our "Activities" tab.

Church is not just about meeting for services, it is also about friendship and caring for one another.  For that purpose please contact us for any need or information or just to speak to someone.


God Bless and I hope that each day is a day of new revelation of the love of God for you.

You can also join the Sunday live service on our Youtube channel.

News and Events

You can join us on our Youtube channel for live events and much more!

You can also visit our Facebook to get an everyday encouragement 


We are now happy to provide coffee, tea and hot chocolate before the Sunday morning service, from 10am to 10.25am.

"Mothers in prayer" are meeting on Thursdays,

from 5.30pm to 6.30pm.

Contact us if you need more informations.

(only available in French)

New year = new group!

Come and join our new fellowship group at church, every two Wednesdays.

Check our "Activities" tab.

If you need counseling or prayer, Gerard is available every Thursdays.

Contact us here

to get an appointment

(only available in French)

God Bless

James Morgan - Pastor