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Fellowship Groups

We have set up Fellowship Groups to be the means of living as the body of Christian believers that we are called to be. By meeting regularly in homes during the week, we are able to spend time with our Christian brothers and sisters in order to share, discuss and pray.


These groups are times of caring, teaching, encouraging, sharpening, praying, worshipping, communicating and laughing. Jesus says that whenever two or more are gathered in His name, there He is, in the midst of us.


It is a time with Jesus.

What is a Fellowship Group?


A Fellowship Group is a gathering of between 4 -12 people who meet fortnightly on a midweek evening or morning for food and fellowship, teaching, worship, prayer and fun! Fellowship Groups are led by members of the church who are not necessarily in full-time ministry. Typically a Fellowship Group has a leader and an assistant. The group meets in the home of one of the group members.


Becoming a member of a fellowship group provides an ideal place in which to grow as a disciple of Jesus and become involved in every aspect of the church’s life. To be a member of a fellowship group is the most effective way of enabling any individual member of the church to grow in maturity and be actively involved in the church.


A fellowship group serves four purposes:

  • A place to experience community

  • A way for newcomers to join the church

  • A place to grow in relationship with God

  • An effective means of church growth

Where and when do fellowship groups meet?

French homegroup :

Every Tuesday evening (7.30pm - 9.30pm) :

  •  Le Cannet, at Ricci's 


Every two Friday evening (7pm - 9pm) :

  • At church

English homegroup :

Every two Thursday evening (7.30pm - 9pm) :

  • Roquefort-les-pins & Antibes

Being in a Fellowship Group is a great way to continue to explore what it is to be a follower of Christ. They provide a safe and inviting place to ask questions, to learn more about who God created you to be, and the part that you personally play in seeing His purposes come to light. You will learn more about how to join a group toward the end of your Alpha experience.


Fellowship Group






At the leader's place or at church

Contact us if you need more informations

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