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What we believe

God loves the world so much that He gave his only son, Jesus Christ, to die and take our punishment for turning away from God.  Jesus died by crucifixion but after three days he was resurrected to life.  After forty days He ascended into heaven and is now seated at the right hand of God in heaven, in glory.


Anyone who believes in Jesus, who accepts what Jesus has done for him or her, that person shall have an eternal life. That person is adopted into the family of God as a child of God, free from the punishment and judgement that is before all of us, that person is saved by the grace of God.

Through Jesus we are not only saved but we receive the Holy Spirit who guides us and equips us for our remaining life. We cannot see the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit testifies about Jesus, He comforts us, He counsels us,


He convicts us so that we are quick to confess to God and ask for His forgiveness.  He gives various supernatural gifts to us for the benefit of the church, so that the church may do the work of God. It is through the work of the Holy Spirit in us that character and behaviour change and become more loving, joyful, peaceful, gentle, patient, kind and faithful.

The only two observances that we follow are the taking of Communion which Jesus told the disciples to do until He comes again in glory, and the Baptism of new believers in water and in the Holy Spirit.


The Bible is the word of God and it reveals all we believe in and teach.


And we say:

Hallelujah !         Thank you God, 

or in church language,

Praise Him!     Praise Him!    Such love !

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