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The Cornerstone Bookstore (Cornerway*) is aimed at encouraging members to seek knowledge and understanding of the Bible by reading not just the Bible but also inspired writings by men and women of God.  We believe that, in spite of the many teachings members receive, reading is a useful means by which to gain knowledge of God’s purpose and ways.


The Bible in itself is sufficient, however, the reading of inspired literature is beneficial as it, at times, directs our attention to particular areas.  The books found in the Cornerway bookstore have been selected because we believe they are in tune with the Bible and Biblical teachings.  As a bilingual church most books are ideally found in both languages.

Ideally when a person who doesn’t know exactly what he needs comes to the bookshop, together we try to discover which book would suit his/her need.  Some others come in knowing exactly what they are looking for. 


Searching to locate a particular title? Or conversely, not sure what would be a good book to address a particular aspect of Christian life? Please feel free to contact us by filling in the form below and we will do what we can to assist you.


(*) Cornerway, being a not for profit association does not make any profit on the books we sell. Our funding comes from gifts from members.


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Contact us if you need more informations

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