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Our Services

Sunday services at 10:30 a.m.

We have a service on Sunday morning that starts at 10:30 a.m. The service last for one and a half to two hours.


Everything in the service is translated, either from French to English or English to French depending on the native language of the speaker. The same applies to worship where we will sing the same song with verses in each language.


Our current format in the service is an opening welcome and prayer followed by worship (singing) followed by notices and testimonies, followed by the sermon and then an opportunity for prayer ministry.


We take communion twice a month

Before and after the service there is plenty of time to meet people and catch up on the news of the week.  Occasionally there is a lunch prepared and this is announced at least a week before the event.

You can find our Sunday monrning live streaming at the following youtube link:


Babies, Infants and Teens:


In the morning service, the children join with the adults in the beginning of the service and then during the notices they leave further teaching in their own age groups.  


There is also a crèche for babies and infants which has a sound feed for parents who need to be with their child so that they can still listen to the service.


Most of the Sunday school classes are led in French as the majority of the children speak French but we do make sure that if there are English speaking children in the classes that there is a translator.


The available classes are: 


Class 1 :  3 to 6 year old

Class 2 :  6 to 8 year old

Class 3 :  8 to 10 year old

Class 4: 10 to 14 year old

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