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Phil and Denise are pastors of a church in Long Island New York and have been there for 10 years.  Phil visited Cornerstone in the early years and was a constant source of encouragement and direction.

We are so pleased that Phil and his wife Denise are making a special trip from the US  to speak to us.  Phil was one of the three key advisors to James Mills, our former pastor and founder, at the start of the church over twenty years ago.

Phil looks after 10 other churches in their church network.  He has wonderful spiritual gifts and will be a blessing to Cornerstone.  


Invite friends.

God Bless.


        Pastor James Morgan

Phil Buechler




Date and Time

Saturday - 19th May - 8:00pm

Sunday - 20th May - 10:30am

Sunday - 20th May - 6:45pm

The conferences are free of charges and parking is available

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